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Albert Camus

Poet, novelist, scholar, philosopher, Nobel Laureate, political activist, Hero of the Resistance, footballer and lover.

Albert Camus was one of the great intellectual figures of the mid-20th century.

Yet his life was cut tragically short at the age of just 46.

This South Bank Show Special is a project commissioned by Melvyn Bragg last December, written and directed by Jack Bond and produced by Snow Leopard Productions.

It is a remarkable drama of fiction opening with Camus’ tragic death in 1960 in a car accident.

The story continues with what might have happened during the subsequent days had the crash not occurred.

Before his death, Camus had written a screenplay with the intention of directing the film. His screenplay has never been found.

Bond creates a world set in the imaginary film location where Camus is directing, in which many of the existential myths featured in his writings and oratory are vividly explored.

When Cathy Lindstrom (CATHERINE McCORMACK – Braveheart, The Debtors, The Tailor of Panama, The Spy Game), a journalist for Time magazine, meets Camus (CIARAN HINDS – Calendar Girls, Road to Perdition, Titanic Town, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider), his immediate ambition is to seduce this bright, attractive young woman and to deflect her searching and provocative interrogations about his work, life, and the writers block he has suffered since winning the Nobel Prize four years earlier.

Of much greater interest to Camus than explaining his frequently contradictory pronouncements on his own and others work, his attitude to God, politics and love, is whether he can add Cathy to his extensive litany of conquests in the bedroom.

Cathy is relentless in her quest to get beneath the skin of this ambiguous character, observing and quizzing him daily.

She watches, somewhat mystified, his most unusual acceptance speech at a ceremony hosted by the fascistic Mayor (STEVEN BERKOFF - A Clockwork Orange, The Krays, Octopussy).

She tails him as he directs his movie whilst attempting to resist his advances. But the more defensive she becomes, the more he is driven not by power or lust but to something beyond affection – maybe even love – an emotion he has frequently dismissed and trivialised.

Using a host of top British talent, Jack Bond creates a cast of unforgettable characters in this “Camusian” theatre of the absurd.

Other parts are played by STRUAN RODGER (Madness of King George, Prime Suspect), FREDDIE JONES (The Count of Monte Cristo, David Copperfield), GEORGINA SUTCLIFFE (Anybody’s Nighmare) and newcomer ANTHONY SHUSTER.

Written and Directed by Jack Bond

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