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Iggy Pop

IGGY POP is an iconic figure in the history of rock music and for many he is the archetypal rock and roll star.

With his original band, The Stooges, he came storming out of Detroit at the end of the 60s, trashing the ideals of the hippie movement and laying the ground rules for the punk revolution that followed in his wake.

Now, at nearly 60, Iggy has survived mental institutions, drug addiction and any number of life-threatening stage performances and he is still going strong.

Last year, 30 years after their last gig, he reunited with The Stooges to huge critical acclaim and this film follows the band on the European leg of their tour and charts the remarkable career of the indestructible Iggy Pop.

Produced & directed by Leo Burley

Robert Frank
17/10/2004 22:45
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14/11/2004 22:45
The Darkness
21/11/2004 22:45
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12/12/2004 22:45
Iggy Pop
19/12/2004 22:45